We can help you manage your projects across all exchanges.

The mentality of walking on thin ice, always in awe of the market.

Why MM Services are Needed

The success of investment is based on existing knowledge and experience.

Do whatever in necessary to stay on top of the markets you are trading.

  • Organic chart, clean trade history, tight speed.
  • Attracting traders to participate in te secondary market.
  • Professional technical analysis team and automatic trading system.
  • Provide customized quantitative MM strategies for different tokens.

Market making service

Manually  manage all your projects

  • With Senior Industry And Technical Experience, 7*24 Online.
  • Them With High-quality Liquidity Services.
  • We Help Our Projects To Improve Operation Strategy And Optimize.

Pancake Service  (DEX)

Robot liquidtiy provider


Pancake Service


Real transaction


Protect assets

Robot liquidtiy provider


Strategic Cex Partner